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9 People You Do Not Need To Invite To Your Wedding

While the concept of broadcasting why people aren’t invited to your wedding may seem harsh, we’re willing to bet some women totally agree with her reasons. Let’s face it: Weddings are expensive, and they’re exhausting to plan. Why should someone get a spot on your invite list if they aren’t really all that important to you? We came up with a few more people that you definitely do not need to invite to your wedding, in case you’re looking for an excuse to trim the guest list:


Your ex-boyfriend. Even if you guys are still friends, there’s really no obligation to invite him.

Your mom’s friend who “likes” all of your Facebook posts, but whom you have never actually met. She would probably Instagram the heck out of your ceremony, but you’re hiring a professional photographer anyway, so leave her out.

Your waxing technician. Yes, she knows you intimately and has seen everything, but she doesn’t need to see you on your big day.

Anyone you haven’t spoken to in years. We know you were so close with your sorority sisters back in college, but if you haven’t stayed in touch since you graduated, there’s no obligation to invite them. Plus, you don’t want any memories of your keg stand days on your wedding day.

Your best friend’s current fling. Obviously you love your best friend, but don’t feel obligated to give her a plus one unless things are serious between her and her beau. Those photos are forever, and you don’t want to be wondering who that random is ten years from now.

Your neighbors. If you wouldn’t have them over for dinner, they don’t really need to be there. Stick to sending each other fruitcakes during the holiday season.

Anyone you consider a “frenemy.” She’s the coworker or acquaintance that you get along with, even though you both not-so-secretly kind of hate each other. Yeah, you don’t need to spend $150 on her head. Do you really want to second-guess every compliment she gives you on your special day?

Your co-worker who is also possibly in love with you. If there’s absolutely any chance that he’s going to make a scene—like, stand up right before you exchange vows and announce that he objects to the marriage—you probably shouldn’t chance it.

Anyone you think might get trashed at the wedding. You say “open bar.” They hear, “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.” It’s hard enough to manage a ton of guests at your wedding, without having to worry about your drunk friend grinding on Grandpa.

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