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5 Must-haves when renting a photo booth for your wedding

5 Must-haves when renting a photo booth for your wedding.

1. TV screen displaying a slideshow of photos taken at your event. This could also be used as a slide show of childhood pictures of bride and groom, or engagement photos, or all three. This feature is something that would have to be pre-planned and the couple would need to provide the flash drive with the photos you want shown.

2. Social Media Kiosk. This is a separate kiosk outside the booth. It is a standing kiosk with an IPad or touch screen computer. When the picture is taken in the booth, it is immediately transferred to the kiosk outside of the booth using Wi-Fi. Then the user can easily upload their pictures to Facebook or twitter in real time, showing all their friends what an awesome time they are having. Some companies offer Facebook and email share inside the booth, which slows down the line of guests waiting to take their pictures. With a social media kiosk, the guests get to take more pictures and the line move faster since no one is in the booth entering their email or Facebook information. The guests can also look at pictures people have taken at the event.

3. Flash drive or CD/DVD with all the pictures on it. If available, have the photo booth company put all the event’s photo strips and individual pictures on a flash drive. The strips are great because they capture the true mood of the event, but sometimes a guest may take a picture they don’t like, so they would prefer just to use the individual pictures from the booth.

4. Custom photo strip layout. This is something that all photo booth companies do. The layouts can range from very simple to elegant. Don’t be afraid to ask to see your photo strip layout prior to the event. The company will work on the layout after you book your event. You can suggest ideas that you would like to have on your custom photo strip.

5. Scrapbook keepsake. This is a book that will have one copy of every photo strip taken at the wedding. This will be given to the bride and groom after the wedding. It is designed so that their wedding guests can write personal messages to the couple next to their pictures. This is something that does cost extra for most photo booth companies or it comes in a bridal package. One thing I would recommend is that you pick out your own scrapbook. You will have this book on your mantle for many years, and you will want it to capture your personalities. Some couples may even choose to use this as a replacement to the guest signature book. 5 years after your wedding, you will fondly look back at the scrapbook with photo strips and personal messages from your guests.

Whitney, Elite Custom Photo Booths

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