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Planning A Wedding During COVID? This Is What You Need To Know

as seen on A Practical Wedding . com

When we wrote our first big post on planning a wedding in the middle of COVID(back on March 11), things still felt like they might be short-lived. Like maybe we could put everything on pause for two or three months and get ourselves ‘back to normal.’ We have now been living the reality of this outbreak, surviving the waves, for six months, and frankly, it’s just not good at all. Somehow, it also doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon.

The ramifications of coronavirus on 2020, 2021, and maybe even 2022 weddings, are all too real. And the worst part is that we just don’t know when this pandemic will end, or how things will work out. Will this still be impacting things in 2022? Maybe. Maybe not. (Hopefully not, OMG!) But it’s impossible to know. And when there are no clear answers, it’s hard to make plans.


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