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Selecting Wedding Reception Music

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Selecting music according to the couple’s special traits!

Picking the right music for a wedding reception has always been a pleasant challenge for a professional DJ and an opportunity to combine their deep knowledge of the subject with their essential communication skills. Discussing and understanding each couple’s vision of the perfect wedding is crucial to the whole process. A DJ should ultimately come up with a concise profile of these two people that goes beyond mere music preferences. The final playlist should reflect the couple’s overall lifestyle and attitude. Let’s go through typical examples and suitable strategies.


This couple is characterized by a strong emotional universe that makes them nostalgic about every sweet moment they had so far, from their first kiss to their latest Valentine’s. They love romantic songs, films, and stories. Tunes of special significance to them should definitely be incorporated to their playlist; most probably lots of jazz, soul, and referential choices from their teenage decade such as the 80’s or the 90’s.


They might be introvert, shy, conservative or just very analytical about their choices. Approaching life, as well as their relationship, in a rather scientific or experimental way, they are definitely expected to come up with very unconventional music choices mostly related to novels, science-fiction movies, and the digital world. To intrigue them, a DJ must include unexpected versions of classics (for intellectuals) or electronic music (for geeks).


Most probably, they are sportive and very much drawn to activity-related tunes such as those they are listening to while skiing down a slope or kiting over the seven seas! Their iPod playlists can be extremely insightful, and a DJ is highly recommended to borrow it for further reference. It’s upbeat and fast-paced dance music, for sure.


They are entertainment-driven and for that matter quite trained in the typical nightlife playlists, most popular at night clubs and parties. Their eclectic nature spans on pop, rock, and a great variety of music genres, classics and trends. To surprise them, a DJ should spice up their playlist with upcoming hits in nightlife meccas such as Ibiza, Miami and Mykonos!


They will put their personal preferences aside, to create a playlist that would mostly please their audience. All they want is making their reception a memorable social event that will be discussed by their circles as one of ultimate fun. This couple aspires to have ‘the wedding of the year’, at least locally! Their DJ should therefore create a great patchwork of super hits across the decades appealing to the majority of the guests.


It’s true that they don’t have a clear idea about it, either because they are ignorant and indifferent, or due to their natural tendency to ponder over things in life. Digging out their final choices will be the result of endless discussion, and numerous alterations. A DJ should be rather flexible and patient, ready to make last minute changes and compromises!


They might be a great match in other aspects, yet never in sync in terms of music. Their DJ should artfully blend two different visions to satisfy both. Hip-hop and folk can no longer sound an impossible mix!

photo from SomeWhat Photography / post shared from Encore Mobile DJs

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