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25 Items For Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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20 years in the DJ business has taught me alot. One lesson that stuck with me is to expect the unexpected. Preparation is everything. But you don't have to be at the mercy of Murphy's Law. A little prep of your own may save you a headache on your wedding day.

Let's fast forward in your mind to YOUR big day. The anticipation and excitement of the day may make a groomsman forget his socks, a bridemaid may have a tear in her stockings, someone may need a safety pin, or heaven forbid you may have the dreaded last minute migrane headache. But fear not! There is a solution to save the day!

A $25 trip to the dollar store or to the travel/trail size aisle at Walmart or Target will help put your mind at ease. BTW this is a perfect bridal shower gift idea. This could also be a task for your maid of honor or bridesmaids.

Below I have listed 25 items you may want to include in your "Wedding Day Emergency Kit"

  • socks

  • panty hose

  • super glue

  • mouthwash or gum

  • toothpaste and/or extra toothbrushes

  • sewing kit

  • earring backs

  • tissue

  • straws

  • safety pins and/or straight pins

  • energy drink

  • shoe laces & shoe polish

  • batteries

  • deodorant

  • tampons

  • hair comb or brush

  • hair spray

  • nail polish or polish remover

  • nail kit (file, clippers etc)

  • medicine (Advil, Tylonol, cough drops)

  • eye drops

  • chap stick

  • lotion

  • hand sanitizer

  • and last but not least LIQUOR! This depends on the bride of

Don't risk a minor issue becoming bigger than it should. Your day is to be enjoyed...worry free.

Happy Planning!! Follow my blog for wedding articles and advise to making YOUR day unforgettable!!

David Jones

A2Z Mobile Music

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