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The Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Among all the joy and excitement of your wedding day, the last things on your mind may be all of those pesky little details that can possibly go wrong. But, unfortunately, brides have been known to face a little tummy trouble on their big day. Groomsmen and bridesmaids alike have encountered potentially catastrophic wardrobe malfunctions. And wedding officiants have developed debilitating migraines in the hours before a ceremony. Day-of mini emergencies can and do happen, so why not prepare yourself, or at least task someone to do it for you?

While assembling a wedding day emergency kit may not be as glamorous as, say, wedding dress shopping or touring charming event venues, and while it’s virtually impossible to prepare yourself for every conceivable mishap, there are a handful of must-haves that can really serve to save the day. Like car or home insurance–while you hopefully won’t need it, you’ll be happy to have it should the need arise.

Start with an adequate storage apparatus for your items. Whether you disguise them in an elegant, appropriately sized, drawstring satin bag or keep it utilitarian with a sewing, craft, or even tackle box is up to you; although keep in mind that all of those little compartments can really make organization a breeze! As it’s something you’ll only need temporarily–and only in case of emergency–it doesn’t necessarily need to blend into your Tuscan Summer theme, but it can.

Next, add any items that are bride-, groom-, or wedding party-specific. For example, if the groom’s father is on blood pressure medication, make sure to ask him for a few extra pills to keep on hand the day of, just in case. Is the bride asthmatic? Keep an inhaler for her tucked away in your wedding day emergency kit. Once these items are secured, you can then move on to some of the more general items listed below.

Health and Pain Relief

It’s hard to have a good time when you’re not feeling your very best. Include a variety of pain relievers specific to certain symptoms like migraines, joint pain, etc. to ensure you have something for virtually every need. In case of an unexpected nick or cut, carry clear bandages as well as a disinfectant ointment that also treats for pain. Eye drops and saline can help the itchy or dry eyes brought on by tears of happiness, excess sun, or outdoor irritants. Instant ice packs can soothe everything from a sprained wrist to a headache.

Also make sure to keep antacids and products designed for stomach problems on hand to help with anything more than a few butterflies fluttering around guests’ stomachs. Nutritional bars and other small, portable snacks can help in moments of low blood sugar while bottles of water are sure to come in handy for everything from a parched mouth to getting rid of dreaded deodorant marks.

Avoiding Wardrobe Malfunctions

Veils can snag, heels can break, and rhinestones can inexplicably come undone. Should the worst occur, ensure that no one is the wiser by arming yourself with a few essentials that can really come to the rescue. Hem tape can come in handy should a hem come undone, can temporarily take in a garment in the event of a slight mis-measurement, and can even shorten pant legs or hem lines if needed. Fashion tape is a must. Whether you need to conceal an errant bra strap, keep a gaping neckline in check, or ensure that virtually any garment stays exactly where it’s supposed to, this double-sided tape is designed to adhere to both skin and fabric alike and can save you an embarrassing slip-up.

You should also consider including a few extra pairs of panty hose and socks should an unchecked run get out of hand or unexpected precipitation result in a soggy entrance. A mini sewing kit–complete with thread matching the colors of your wedding party’s attire–safety pins, and even super glue can provide quick fixes if needed while an on-the-spot stain remover can help in the event an attendee gets a little sloppy with food or beverage items. Shapewear, while not necessary, can help if attire isn’t fitting perfectly–helping garments glide over the skin and smoothing over any unwanted bumps. Strips of moleskin can provide relief from irritating shoes and, if heels get to be too much, keep a pair of fold-up flats stowed away and at the ready.

Beauty Emergencies

Between prep time, ceremony, and reception, virtually anything can happen to a wedding party member’s carefully crafted look. An errant eye dab can smudge the most perfect eyeliner, that first kiss can smear flawlessly applied lipstick, and a few happy tears can run the best mascara. Ideally, you should start with smudge- and water-proof makeup, but even these items aren’t unassailable.

So if possible, keep a palette of the bride and bridesmaids’ makeup on hand as well as small bottles of touch-up nail polish shades used in any manicures. Oil blotting papers and oil-absorbing powder keep any unwanted shine under control while unscented, hypoallergenic lotion can help every skin type with unexpected dryness. Don’t forget a few spare bobby pins and hair spray to help tame rebellious tresses and tweezers (which, of course, can pull double duty in case of a splinter) for tiny out-of-place strands.

Final Touches

In the moments before the big walk down the aisle, you can ensure the wedding party is ceremony-ready with a little spritz of cologne or perfume or even an extra swipe of deodorant. Prepare the couple for their unforgettable smooch with a quick brush, a swishing of mouthwash, or a delicious mint. Keep feminine hygiene products on hand, because sadly, no, nature will not heed to the big day, despite how memorable it may be. Have a hand mirror at the ready in case someone needs one last reassuring look, a small glass of champagne for those needing a smidge of liquid courage, or any other personalized final touch you know your couple or wedding party might need to get them down the aisle effortlessly.

Lastly, equip your wedding day emergency kit with plenty of tissues–chances are, you’ll need all of them, and maybe more–as well as a list of contact information for all scheduled vendors and venues, directions to both the ceremony and reception, the phone number of a local taxi company, and a backup list of vendors. It’s incredibly unlikely you’ll need this last list but life is full of the unexpected. By staying prepared, no pantyhose run, out-of-place hair, or pang of hunger can serve to ruin your big day.

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