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How To Pose For Your Wedding Pictures​

How To Pose For Your Wedding Pictures​ by Joel Ross


1. Most wedding dresses are sleeveless, which often poses problems for most brides. Instead of keeping your arms pressed tightly against your body (which actually squishes your arms and makes them look bigger), try holding your elbows out to the sides, just enough so they are not touching the rest of your body.


2. Practice the "Hollywood Pose". Try standing with your hips rotated 45 degrees to the side. Place your weight on your rear foot. Point your other foot toward the camera while bending your knee so it doesn't look stiff. You can even cross one of your legs to help make you look more relaxed.


3. Good posture helps give you more confidence and confidence is what makes a portrait stunning. Start with having your shoulders back, chest forward, and pull your belly button in toward your spine. And just because you have good posture doesn't mean you're not relaxed, so take a few deep breaths to relax and let the tension out.


4. For sitting poses, cross your legs at the ankles and maintain your good posture. Lift your chin to elongate your neck, and think about the most dignified lady-like pose you can think of.


5. Lean into the camera and stick your head forward. Tilt your chin down, while looking up with just your eyes. This creates the illusion of bigger eyes and a smaller body. Remember that whatever is closest to the camera always seems the biggest.


6. Practice taking selfies to determine your best side. A lot of brides find that the side of their face where their hair parts is the side they want to have facing toward the camera, but each bride is different so experiment until you know which side you want to feature.


7. For fun, try smiling with just your mouth while not using any other facial muscles - probably looks pretty fake! Now try smiling with just your eyes and you'll see what a difference that makes. Now try smiling with both your eyes and your mouth and you'll see that's the perfect combination for a beautiful smile.


8. To help make yourself feel relaxed, think about something silly and let yourself giggle and smile. Most people tend tofreeze up in front of the camera and this is a great little trick on helping make them look more relaxed and natural looking.


9. To exude extra confidence and sexiness, give your head a tilt and turn it away from the camera, just a little. This little trick goes a long way to giving your body a more interesting and attractive shape.


10. There is nothing more flattering than a sincere laugh, so feel free to think funny thoughts and be completely goofy, afterall, being yourself is the most attractive pose of all.

Now get out there and practice in front of a mirror or with your girl friends. With practice comes confidence, and with confidence comes the best wedding portraits ever!

Joel Ross

JoelRoss Photography

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